The Maison Piaget


Piaget offers you a variety of care possibilities to rejuvenate your jewelry and give it back its original brilliance. Our master jewelers, gemologists, gem-setters, engravers and polishers are all ready to help*.


If you love your Piaget jewelry, you might wear it very often. With time, this could cause it to lose a little of its brilliance and for superficial scratches to appear. The right care can restore the original splendor of your jewelry.
This may include:
- General cleaning,
- polishing with soft brushes,
- immersion in a rhodium bath, if made of white gold, to bring back its shine.

These treatments are carried out entirely by hand by highly experienced polishers. Polishing removes an extremely fine layer of metal. For this reason jewelry should be polished only when necessary.

Piaget luxury bracelet polishing


With this service, Piaget can help you to celebrate an important event in your life or simply to personalize your creation. Our Piaget boutiques can advise you on feasibility, as it depends on the technical characteristics and design of the creation (e.g. available space or metal thickness).

Piaget luxury ring engraving


Where possible, for the perfect fit, Piaget offers you the possibility of adjusting the size of your creation. This process is carried out by hand, allowing your creation to be adjusted to your wishes. This service is not available for certain creations due to their unique design. Our Piaget boutiques can inform you about the resizing specifications for each jewelry creation.

Piaget luxury ring resizing


Most Piaget earrings are designed so that the fastening system can be modified at any time during their existence. For such creations, our jewelers can thus replace rods with clips, or vice versa, according to your wishes.

Piaget luxury earrings servicing


Piaget's expert jewelers are able to restore and repair vintage or damaged jewelry to its full splendor. This service may include soldering and replacing broken or missing elements (e.g. stones, clips, clasps, etc.). We invite you to bring your creation to one of our boutiques, where we can assist and advise you.

Piaget luxury jewelry customer service

*The maintenance services mentioned here may not currently be possible in boutiques. Please contact us ahead of time for confirmation.