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Black sapphire ring More information.

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Black sapphire ring More information.

Black sapphire ring More information.

Both men and women are fascinated by the diamond sapphire rings of Piaget’s Possession collection. Set with 122 diamonds and black sapphires, the playful features of these jewelry pieces underline your dynamic character.

Get possessed by Piaget’s handmade bracelets

Every handmade bracelet of the Piaget Possession Collection has a unique design. Nine diamonds meticulously arranged by hand give gem stone bracelets of this collection their fine contours.

Piaget for ladies: Diamond sapphire watches that make time stand still

Piaget’s Possession Collection makes you discover the irresistible beauty of sapphire watches. With their interchangeable bracelets, these luxury watches will suit your mood of the day.

Piaget’s high fashion jewelry: White gold necklaces and other treasures

Rings are the recurring motif of Piaget’s thematic collection “Possession”. You will be overwhelmed by the subtle beauty reflected in this collection of gold jewelry.