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Handmade necklace More information.

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Handmade necklace More information.

Handmade necklace More information.

Some exquisite pieces of pink sapphire jewelry are part of the famous Piaget Magic Gardens Collection. Pink and pear cut diamonds sparkling on 18 carat white gold luxury items give this collection a highly exotic touch.

Discover Piaget’s amethyst emerald rings and necklaces

The Magic Gardens Collection has the right piece of amethyst jewelry for you. Elegantly designed amethyst drop necklaces and emerald cut amethyst rings by Piaget should not be missing in your jewelry collection.

Explore the magic world of Piaget’s precious dangle earrings

Earrings of the Magic Gardens Collection are a garden party for your ears: No matter which color, materials or form you prefer your gemstone earrings to have, you will find the pair of your dreams at Piaget.

Piaget’s collection of fine rose jewelry

The Magic Gardens Collection by Piaget is not only innovative in form, but also in color. Jewelry roses in white gold or sapphire will inspire your imagination.