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Blue topaz ring More information.

One of the finest Piaget jewelry pieces is the Limelight Party ring. The subtle combination of beautiful diamonds and lagoon-blue topaz makes your heart sing. Also ideal as a gift.

Handcrafted necklaces in the Limelight Party Collection

The Swiss designer Piaget surprises the world with ideas regarding the creation of unique diamond emerald necklaces, gemstone necklaces and blue sapphire necklaces. The handcrafted Limelight Party necklace is a real attention getter.

Piaget’s sophisticated collection of handmade earrings

If you are looking for sophisticated earrings of contemporary style and elegance, Piaget is the right designer for you. Their original design makes the handcrafted jewelry earrings of the Limelight Party Collection irresistible.

Piaget’s unique collection of Blue topaz rings

The internationally acclaimed Swiss designer Piaget also enjoys worldwide recognition for his magnificent pieces of blue topaz jewelry. Lighten up your look with a Blue topaz ring of the Piaget Limelight Party Collection!