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Design jewelry making More information.

The Limelight Paris-New York ring is only one of the numerous treasures you can see in Piaget’s Creative Collection. Wear this beautiful jewelry piece made of black tourmaline to prove your excellent taste.

Ring watches in Piaget’s designer jewelry collection

A jewelry creation that best reflects Piaget’s original design ideas is the Limelight ring-watch in 18 carat white gold. Like the tourmaline ring, this piece of jewelry even surpasses your highest expectations.

Piaget – manufacturer of extravagant watches

After 150 hours of meticulous gem setting you can hold the Limelight Paris-New York cuff watch in hand. This elegant bracelet watch is a symbol of Parisian elegance you should not miss.

Discover the finest pieces of Piaget’s custom jewelry

In the Creative Collection you will find some of the most unusual watches and jewelry pieces. With Piaget’s custom diamond jewelry you can make a unique design statement.