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Custom diamond jewelry More information.

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Custom diamond jewelry More information.

Piaget masters the art of creating premier design jewelry. Handmade, the sublime diamond jewelry pieces of the Creative Collection are a must for every woman with high standards. Get to know Piaget’s innovative spirit!

The art of design jewelry making: Piaget’s ring watches

The world-famous designer of gold jewelry still surprises the world with new design ideas. Set with brilliant cut diamonds, the Limelight ring-watch of Piaget’s Creative Collection is a delight for your eyes.

Piaget – manufacturer of extravagant watches

Be it the Limelight Paris-New York secret watch or the cufflink-watch with UAE flag motif – every single piece of the Creative Collection is stunning. Enter the Piaget universe of designer jewelry!

Custom jewelry designs by Piaget

In the Creative Collection you will find some of the most unusual watches and jewelry pieces. With Piaget’s Custom diamond jewelry you can make a unique design statement.