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Ultra thin movement More information.

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Jewelry manufacture

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Ultra thin movement More information.

Ultra thin movement More information.

Each collection created in the world-famous jewelry manufacture Piaget has an imaginative thematic concept. Consisting of a limited number of jewelry pieces, Piaget collections retain their individual character.

Jewelry made of luxury materials at Piaget

Piaget craftsmen know the art of setting gemstones which they also cut and adjust by hand. Thanks to their artistic skills you can admire jewelry pieces in the form of roses or leaves.

Sophisticated watches created by Piaget craftsmen

The technical achievements accomplished by Piaget craftsmen are extraordinary. Come to see Piaget’s various collections: Beautiful watches with Ultra thin movements are waiting for you!

World-class jewelry making at Piaget

The name Piaget stands for elegance, perfection and quality. Jewelry creations by the Swiss designer reflect what Piaget craftsmen are famous for: their eye for detail.