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Jewelry man manufacturer More information.

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Jewelry man manufacturer More information.

Jewelry man manufacturer More information.

Be it Magic Gardens, Limelight Party or Black Tie – Piaget’s thematic collections always contain treasures. Every single jewelry creation of the Swiss designer tells a different story. It is up to you to reveal it.

How Piaget gemologists find the finest jewelry making materials

Setting gemstones to create sophisticated forms is an art only Piaget craftsmen can master. In every Piaget boutique you will discover jewelry shapes you have never seen before. Enjoy the endless universe of luxury!

Piaget craftsmanship in watch design

Each of the various watch collections presented by Piaget is unique. It is the technical and designing skills of Piaget craftsmen that make such diversity possible. Find the luxury watch made for your wrist!

Craftsmanship jewelry in every Piaget collection

The name Piaget stands for elegance, perfection and quality. Jewelry creations by the Swiss designer reflect what Piaget craftsmen are famous for: their eye for detail.