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Equipment jewelry making More information.

Jewelry manufacturers find a colorful theme for each collection designed at Piaget. Behind every name you can discover about twenty exquisite pieces of jewelry showing the creativity of Piaget craftsmen.

Jewelry made of luxury materials at Piaget

Piaget craftsmen know the art of setting gemstones which they also cut and adjust by hand. Thanks to their artistic skills you can admire jewelry pieces in the form of roses or leaves.

Piaget craftsmanship in watch design

Each of the various watch collections presented by Piaget is unique. It is the technical and designing skills of Piaget craftsmen that make such diversity possible. Find the luxury watch made for your wrist!

World-class jewelry making at Piaget

Piaget craftsmen are characterized by their love of innovation. Highly original collections designed over the last decades show that Piaget creations are anything but chain jewelry making.