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Catalog jewelry making More information.

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Catalog jewelry making More information.

Catalog jewelry making More information.

Jewelry manufacturers find a colorful theme for each collection designed at Piaget. Behind every name you can discover about twenty exquisite pieces of jewelry showing the creativity of Piaget craftsmen.

How Piaget gemologists find the finest jewelry making materials

Many of the jewelry pieces you can see in Piaget’s collections are embellished by sparkling diamonds. In-house designers setting gemstones on a Piaget ring can achieve any possible shape and style.

Sophisticated watches created by Piaget craftsmen

The technical achievements accomplished by Piaget craftsmen are extraordinary. Come to see Piaget’s various collections: Beautiful watches with ultra thin movements are waiting for you!

World-class jewelry making at Piaget

The name Piaget stands for elegance, perfection and quality. Jewelry creations by the Swiss designer reflect what Piaget craftsmen are famous for: their eye for detail.