Renowned for its creative effervescence, Piaget showcases the excellence of its watchmakers and jewelers by combining their skills with expert craftsmanship to make extraordinary creative collections.

The new Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie collection "Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget" is inspired by two legendary cities of the Silk Route: Venice and Samarkand.

With a glittering creativity that combines all the brilliance of the jeweler’s art with the exacting standards of Craftsmanship and High Jewelry, the new “Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget” collection emanates a totally unrivaled radiance.

You are invited to discover this sparkling journey.

Jessica Chastain

International brand ambassador for Piaget.

Go behind the scenes with the exclusive video interview with Jessica Chastain, international brand ambassador for Piaget. The celebrated actress gives us her impressions of the new Piaget Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie collection “Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget”.

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The new Piaget Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie collection will be presented in selected Piaget boutiques worldwide. Come and discover this extraordinary new collection and benefit from personalized advice.

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The Silk Route, a voyage imbued with exoticism

Lights of Samarkand

Secrets of Venice

Lights of Samarkand

Secrets of Venice

Lights of Samarkand

Secrets of Venice

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We invite you to discover our incredible collections of Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie at one of our boutiques:

Secrets of Venice
Festive Elegance

La Serenissima is a priceless cultural gem perched on water that inspires a collection imbued with a mysterious magic: “Secrets of Venice”. Whether bringing to life the magnificence of Venetian festivities or reflecting subtle plays on light, these creations become authentic works of art.

Lights of Samarkand
Oriental spirit

Nestled on the plain of Zarafshan, whose Persian name means “supplier of gold”, the historical city inspires the enchanting “Lights of Samarkand” collection. Its enchanting creations vie with each other in terms of creativity and virtuosity, telling fresh tales of the Orient.

Les Secrets de Venise

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    Feather marquetry - Jewelry

    The custodian of ancestral expertise, an officially-recognized Master Craftswoman and a recipient of the “Liliane Bettencourt Award for Skilled Handicraft”, Nelly Saunier, an independent feather worker, transcends the material she works with so as to create a magical effect through all the exquisite delicacy of feathers. Her audacious collaboration with Piaget has focused renewed attention on this rare craft, recreating the luxuriance of former times in an original, contemporary creation. ©François Marquet

    Selecting and choosing different varieties of feathers.

    Working with Lady Amherst’s pheasant feathers.

    Selecting peacock feathers according to their various pigments; removing a peacock feather barb, individually used in the composition.

    Gluing a feather.

    Engraving - Watchmaking

    Basic outline of the Altiplano Double Jeu gold module before the detailed and meticulous hand engraving begins.

    Start of the detailed hand-engraving process.

    Engraving the waves of the Grand Canal in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute that is already fully engraved by the Master Engraver.

    Verifying the dimensions of the gold motif compared with the original drawing.

    From drawing to masterpiece: verifying that the design of the engraving matches the original drawing.

    Gem-setting and assembly

    Placing the elements on the gouache painting.

    Adjusting the central emerald on the gem-set motif.

    Preparing to place the central emerald on the gem-set motif.

    Choice of the central emerald.

    Preparing to place the central emerald on the sketch of the motif.

    Eggshell lacquer work

    Cutting and inlaying of eggshell fragments.

    Fine-tuning the eggshell position so as to perfectly match the design of the majestic falcon.

    Adding color to the eggshell fragments to enrich the texture, contrast and color density of the falcon.

    Designed in eggshell-inlaid lacquer, the raptor’s plumage has a breathtaking depth and realism, born of the hand of Maître d’Art (Master of Art), Isabelle Emmerique.

    Eggshell lacquer dials at various stages of creation next to the stunning Piaget Altiplano 40 mm in rose gold with inlaid eggshell lacquer dial depicting a falcon, the king of the desert.

    The micro-mosaic

    Murano glass, the material from which Piaget micro-mosaics are made.

    Pieces of Murano glass are heated to melting-point and then drawn out to create tesserae.

    The art of ultra-thin: the glass tessera is stretchedout to extreme thinness.

    An infinite choice of colorful tesserae for unlimited creativity.


    Piece of fossilized mammoth tusk.

    Different pieces of fossilized mammoth, which, once cut up, will form the basis of Piaget dials.

    Enameling - Jewelry

    Piaget diamond and night blue enamel secret ring.

    Enameling - Watchmaking

    Enamel powders: a material serving to produce extraordinary creations.

    Engraving - Jewelry

    Engraving the cuff before assembling the feather motif.

    Feather marquetry by Emilie Moutard-Martin

    Preparation and selection of the highest quality goose feathers.

    Delicate cutting of the goose feathers to achieve the drop shape required to fit the dial design.

    Gluing the feathers before applying the silver leaf to fix them in place.

    Applying the previously glued feathers on the silver leaf.

    Details of pre-cut feathers enhanced by silver leaf.

    The lengthy and delicate creation of feather marquetry. Each feather is meticulously assembled one by one to form a circle on the dial.

    Beautiful feather marquetry dials at different stages of creation. Piaget Altiplano 38 mm in white gold and diamonds featuring the black and silvered feather marquetry dial.