1979 - Worldwide recognition

Piaget Polo gold luxury watch

A brand does not become “the” standard for creativity without demonstrating a fresh, spontaneous approach to its art. Perhaps more than any other company, Piaget has risen to this challenge by pushing back the limits of watchmaking expertise toward new horizons marked by boldness and innovation. For Piaget, boldness means asserting its independence and handling extravagance with subtlety. It also means introducing models destined to make a mark on their own era and to stand the test of time. In 1979, the Manufacture launched the Piaget Polo watch. Avant-garde, yet classic enough never to go out of style, it quickly became an icon.

Piaget Polo gold watch
Piaget Polo watch in yellow gold
Piaget Polo watch in white gold
Piaget Polo watch in white and yellow gold

A legendary model from then on, the Piaget Polo was to help give the brand a new international dimension and global recognition. The first watch to offer a bracelet completely integrated with the case, it demonstrated a kind of expertise that unites technical sophistication with esthetic elegance. It was later to prove not only that this double characteristic would assure its unfailing success, but also that it had introduced a new way of thinking about timepieces that was adopted by the international jet-set.

Rose gold Diamond Watch G0A36031 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Piaget Polo watch
Diamond watch, rose gold
Watch G0A36031
Rose gold Diamond Automatic Watch G0A36023 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Piaget Polo watch
Automatic watch, rose gold, diamonds
Watch G0A36023
White gold Diamond Automatic Watch G0A36226 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Piaget Polo watch
Automatic watch, white gold, diamonds
Watch G0A36226