Yara - Piaget Rose

Yara wears Piaget Rose necklace, ring and earrings
Yara wears Piaget Rose diamond necklace and earrings

At Piaget, every jewel is a symbol of love whose inspiration is translated into a thousand and one bouquets of light dedicated to feminine beauty. So it was completely natural that the rose, the most frequently gifted flower in the world became a motif dear to the House whose collections were inspired by plant life.

Thirty years earlier, Yves Piaget was honored with the unique and voluptuously vibrant winning rose at the Geneva International Competition of New Roses, being christened after him; the Yves Piaget Rose. Capturing this emotionally beautiful moment forever, the exquisite brand regularly pays homage to the stunning flower, having dedicated an entire collection of spectacular watches and jewelry pieces to diversely representing the elite flower.

Piaget’s Rose has lived a saga of beauty and love and its 30th year was commemorated around the world in inimitable ways that symbolized splendor and grace. As the celebrations made their way to the Middle East, the striking Piaget Rose jewelry collection was honored in a special way by the brand’s first Ambassador for the Middle East, Yara.

Yara wears Piaget Rose pink gold jewelry and watch
Rose Gold Diamond Earrings G38U0035 - Piaget Luxury Jewelry Online
Piaget Rose earrings
Rose gold, diamond earrings
Earrings G38U0035
Rose gold Diamond Watch G0A36243 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Limelight Twice watch
Diamond watch, rose gold
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Rose gold Diamond Ring G34U8400 - Piaget Luxury Jewelry Online
Piaget Rose ring
Rose gold, diamond ring
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Piaget Rose pendant
Rose gold, diamond pendant
Necklace G37U8600

In light of Yara’s recent collaboration with Piaget, the singer provides an idyllic reflection of Piaget’s values as her elegance and grace make her the brand’s perfect ambassador. Venerating the Piaget Rose collection’s 30th anniversary, Yara partook in an iconic shoot that saw her sensual and exuberant pieces from the gorgeous Piaget Rose collection.

Every piece from the Piaget Rose collection is a message of seduction, sensuality and femininity. Both Yara and Piaget perfectly offset each other’s beauty as she attired herself in dreamy, romantic and dazzling Piaget jewelry along with delicately luxury watches in the commemorative photo shoot. Akin to Yara’s tribute to the milestone moment, the 30th anniversary of the award-winning Yves Piaget Rose was distinctively memorialized all over the world.

Heralding the momentous occasion, Piaget took their commitment to preserving the history of the Rose a step further by becoming a patron of the project to restore the former Rose garden of the Chateau de Malmaison. Piaget has sponsored the renovation project of one of the most famous and enviable Rose collections in all of Europe, bringing one of the most beautiful testimonials to the love of roses back to life. Additionally, the 105th edition of the International Competition for new roses at the Bagatelle Rose garden saw Piaget honor its commitment and times past by partnering with the renowned competition and creating a dazzling trophy for the laureate, a true display of love for the queen of flowers.

Yara wears Piaget Rose high jewelry
Yara wears Piaget jewelry and luxury watch
White gold Diamond Ring G34U6800 - Piaget Luxury Jewelry Online
Piaget Rose ring
White gold, diamond ring
Ring G34U6800
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Piaget Rose pendant
White gold, diamond pendant
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Piaget Rose pendant
White gold, diamond pendant
Pendant G33U0083
White gold Diamond Ring G34U9800 - Piaget Luxury Jewelry Online
Piaget Rose ring
White gold, diamond ring
Ring G34U9800

Summing up his dedication and adoration for the delicate and immaculate flowers, Yves Piaget said, “I have always been in love with roses, fascinated by the work done by breeders, whose imagination is matched by their absolute discipline. They seek only beauty and performance. In 1982, when the rose peony was christened the Yves Piaget rose, it was an extremely emotional moment for me. I love these graded shades from pink to mauve, I love its exceptional perfume. It’s a true delight. To celebrate this joy daily, all you need is a little row of a dozen rose bushes.”