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Gong Li shines in Piaget

Keanu Reeves and Gong Li present the Spirit Award for Best Director
Gong Li -Spirit Awards 2014
Gong Li -Spirit Awards 2014
Gong Li at the Spirits Awards 2014
Gong Li -Spirit Awards 2014

Cordially invited by the organizing committee of the Film Independent Spirit Awards and Piaget, renowned Swiss watchmaker and jeweller, Gong Li, Piaget’s global ambassador and an actress who enjoys worldwide fame, made her presence at the 29th Film Independent Spirit Awards ceremony and, together with Keanu Reeves, acted as the award-giving guest. At the ceremony, the duo presented the Best Director award to Steve McQueen, the director of “12 Years a Slave”. During the press conference following the awarding ceremony, Gong Li shared her excitement and pleasure with press from all over the world about her debut at the Awards.

Gong Li and CEO of Piaget Philippe Leopold-Metzger at the press Conference

Gong Li and director Anthony Chen at the Press Conference 2014

Gong Li and CEO of Piaget Philippe Leopold-Metzger


In the press conference, Gong Li was fulsome in her praise for such filmmakers who show no fear, make no compromise, and bear whatever it takes in pursuit of their artistic dreams, regardless of the cost. The quality, as she added, also functions as the guideline for her in selection of filmmakers and film works. The emphasis is on the quality of the movies and the roles per se, rather than the investment or the production budget, as she put it. The cinematic ideal and attitude of the Chinese most celebrated actress is also reflected in her relentless endeavor to “experience the life of the character”, and to “integrate herself with the character”.
She noted that dedications to and pursuit for perfection has been, and will always be, the most cherished character she shared with Piaget and the Film Independent Spirit Awards, and thereafter, she saw her participation to the grand event as a great delight and honor. With regard to the upcoming film, Coming Home, directed by Zhang Yimou and featuring Gong Li, she called it an unprecedentedly new challenge that has never been taken before. The protagonist Gong played ages through a variety of eras.

CEO of Piaget Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Gong Li, and director Anthony Chen-Spirit awards 2014

CEO of Piaget Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Gong Li and director Anthony Chen at the Spirit awards 2014

The newly crowned Best Director at the Golden Horse Awards, Anthony Chen, was present at the press conference as well. The young Singaporean director who came under the spotlight for his work, “ILO ILO”, extended his great admiration for Gong Li’s cinematic works, and Gong Li paid her tribute to the rising star in the mean time.

gong li at the 2014 spirit awards
Gong Li at the Spirit Awards 2014

Gong Li at the Film Independent Spirit Awards 2014

Gong Li at the Press Conference 2014
Gong Li at the Press Conference 2014

Gong Li in the press conference

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