Facundo Pieres wedding

The star of the Ellerstina Piaget team, Facundo Pieres, walked down the altar on April 26th, with his wife Agustina Wernicke. They celebrated the religious ceremony with Piaget - the Maison of fine jewellery and Swiss watchmaking and the team sponsor - who gave the bride and groom the wedding bands which they will forever share. These two rings are from the “Possession" collection; produced especially for them, made in 18K yellow gold with their names engraved on the inside.

Facundo Pieres represents talent, dedication and youth; he is considered one of the best polo players in the world. Facundo is one of the polo players with the greatest and the most visible faces of this new generation of players. He has won many of the most significant tournaments around the world and is sought out by major brands who want to associate their image with him.

For a while, Facundo was one of the most coveted bachelors thanks to his attractiveness and charm, but as of 4 years ago he has been together with his childhood friend, Agustina Wernicke. They were united in a civil wedding in December 2013, and on April 26th they were married by the church.

Given that Facundo is a national pride for the Argentine Polo, Piaget offered the couple a special wedding gift that will be shared throughout their lives - wedding bands they both exchanged as a loving commitment on their wedding day.

The symbolism of unions: the art of celebrating a special event and the representation of eternal love

Piaget sponsors the Ellerstina team since 2013, which is why the Maison decided to offer Facundo Pieres and Agustina Wernicke the wedding bands from the "Possession" collection. The references G34PK650 & G34PK660 represent the art of celebrating the stunning; free rotating rings while two souls intertwine together. Each ring is made of yellow gold, with a double circle; one functions as the wedding ring base, while the other circle is inserted above, allowing the upper band to rotate while the base remains static, representing a stable and strong union.

The love story between Facundo and Agustina, which began in their childhood, now takes on a new chapter in their lives, while Piaget accompanies this new stage with a unique stamp to honor their love, marriage and commitment; represented with two gold bands which are now worn by two young people who decided to seal their relationship taking one of the most important steps in their life together.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring G34PK600 - Piaget Wedding Jewelry Online
Possession wedding ring
Yellow gold wedding ring
Band width : 4.8 mm.
Wedding ring G34PK600