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65th Cannes Film Festival

Joseph CHENG and Michelle CHEN wore Piaget for “China Night” and photo with Jacky CHAN
Joseph CHENG and Michelle CHEN wore Piaget for “China Night” and photo with Kris PHILLIPS
QIN Hao wore Piaget with LOU Ye and HAO Lei for the red carpet of 'Mystery' movie
QIN Hao wore Piaget Altiplano watch for Cannes Opening Ceremony Red Carpet
Joseph CHENG and Michelle CHEN wore Piaget jewelry and watch for “China Night”

The town of Cannes transforms into a Mecca of the world cinema every May. The appearance of the legendary watchmaker and jeweler Piaget has added even more splendor to the glitzy scenery lit by celebrities from the universe of motion pictures. QIN Hao and HAO Lei, the leading actor and actress—the only Chinese film featured at the Un Certain Regard section, chose Piaget watches and jewelry at the annual celebration of film art. Taiwanese famed actress and actor Michelle CHEN and Joseph CHENG also chose Piaget while bringing their new work Lovers Are Gamblers (Hua Yang) to enjoy the art festival.

As the only Chinese film featured at this year's Un Certain Regard section, Mystery has generated considerable interest. HAO Lei, the leading actress in Mystery, who has made the most realistic performance with no makeup of any kind, graced the premier show, accessorized by the splendid pieces from Piaget Limelight Garden Party collection. The diamond necklace adorned her chest with iridescent light while the earrings from the same collection sparkled like limpid springs. From the rich portfolios of film works in the past to the current one Mystery, HAO has vividly portrayed women with passion and the independent spirit and radiated the unique beauty of herself.

HAO Lei wore Piaget jewelry for the Mystery movie red carpet
Michelle CHEN on the red carpet with Joseph CHENG at Cannes 2012 Film Festival
QIN Hao and Qi Xi pose on the red carpet during the 65th Cannes Film Festival

QIN Hao, the leading actor in Mystery, has been nominated three times for Best Actor award at the Cannes International Film Festival. While for the fourth time in Cannes, the new film by director LOU Ye reconnected QIN with the reputed film event. For the red carpet parade on this grand occasion, he also chose the modest and men’s style. QIN selected a Piaget Altiplano watch — the white gold case and white dial created a unique statement of modernity while the black leather strap blended perfectly together with his tuxedo of the same color. To the premier show of Mystery, QIN opted for Piaget Emperador watch to complement his slim-fit black tuxedo, echoing with his understated elegance.

Invited by the sponsors of the Cannes Film Festival as the members of the new generation of Chinese film industry, Michelle CHEN and Joseph CHENG, the leading actress and actor in the new work Lovers Are Gamblers (Hua Yang), attended the Chinese Evening with Piaget. Michelle CHEN, the Taiwanese film star who has enjoyed rise in popularity in great China with the teen film You are the Apple of My Eye, chose to wear jewels from Piaget Limelight Garden Party collection to complement her elegant dress. The sparkling diamonds and the nice flow of the delicate gown made her look as if a fairy who just emerged from the garden, bringing a delightful breeze of fresh air to the evening. For another fashion icon star, wearing a black velvet suit, Joseph CHENG seemed steady and fashionable, with a Piaget Polo luxury watch peeking through the cuffs.

Dedicated to the pursuit of art and esthetic expressions, Piaget has had a long-standing relationship with cinema. Apart from being a long-time supporter of the Film Independent Spirit Awards in the United States, Piaget has also been making great contributions to the development of various Asian film events. The latest engagement with HAO Lei, QIN Hao, Michelle CHEN and Joseph CHENG at Cannes is another testament to the brand’s continuous commitment to the growth of film art.

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