The 2012 Golden Bell Award

Best actors Bo Lin CHEN and Ariel LIN
Chian-Na, Lee – The nominee of The best actress
Janel Tsai (Shu-Jen, Tsai) adorned with Piaget jewelry
June Tsai – Nominee of The best actress
Sasa Chung (Shin-Yu, Chung) - The nominee of The best entertainment program host

The 47th Golden Bell Award ceremony, one most quintessential award set to honor the TV accomplishments in Taiwan, took place in the evening of the 26th of October at the National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. The nominees and stars gathered in this glamorous night with the keen hopes to “Ring the Bell.” Way before the decisive lists of prizewinners declared, a contest of style and taste waited ahead on the red carpet. Piaget, a synonym to grace and elegance, was rightly chosen to be the best mate to shine on this very prestigious catwalk.

Nominees of the “Best Leading Actor - Drama”, Bo Lin CHEN and Tony YANG, battled on the screen with acting for glory, but had an unvoiced pact to bid themselves style and luck with Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Piaget.

The “Best Leading Actor - Drama” award went to Bo Lin CHEN. He received the award with the role “Da Jen LEE” he played in romance drama “In Time With You”, and successfully made LEE an ideal male figure to the Taiwanese female audiences. He dressed up in a dark-blue velvet suit along with an iconic Piaget Gouverneur man’s watch. The oval and round curves on the watch case reveal the dual personalities that echoed to CHEN, his swift transformation on and off stage.

Luck knocks twice. Ariel LIN received the “Best Leading Actress – Drama” award with “In Time With You”. Her role as an adult woman pursuing goals while staying true to herself won the hearts of audiences.

Bo-Lin CHEN wearing Piaget Gouverveur watch
The best actress Ariel LIN wearing Piaget watch and jewelry
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Piaget Gouverneur watch
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She dressed in a pert feathered dressed and paired up with the romantic Piaget Rose earrings to accentuate her daintiness and femininity. The Piaget Limelight secret watch leaves inspiration seemly gained her the momentum of a queen, and eventually as a lucky emblem, to crown her the glory.

Tony Yang (You-Ning, Yang) - Nominee of the best actor
Chian-Na, Lee wearing Piaget jewelry
June Tsai wearing Piaget Magic Gardens collection and Limelight watch

Tony YANG, took part in “Ex-Boyfriend” as the leading male role after years of deep-rooted cultivation on the big screen. His exquisite performance which nailed down the frame of mind of the character won him the “Best Leading Actor – Drama” nomination. In order to manifest his rendition of the role, he expressly chose the watch that stands for “driving perfection to the extreme”, the Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch, as a mirror to his eminent acting. Gina LEE, nominated for the “Best Leading Female Actress – Drama” in “Ex-Boyfriend”, walked the red carpet with YANG as the best ambassadors for the drama, adorned herself with the Piaget Rose jewelry necklace and Limelight earrings in floral motif. The Miss Protocole jewelry watch in Feather motif gave her the aura of a fairy.

June, former “Best Leading Actress” and is regarded as one talented actress in her generation, was nominated as “Best Leading Actress – Drama” with “Way back Into Love”. Striving for the second time glory, June came with preparation. She walked the red carpet in a black long gown with Piaget Magic Gardens ring, and necklace white gold diamond earrings in Water Drop motif, along with a Piaget Limelight vintage jewelry watch to enhance her fame as best leading actress and her will to win. Singaporean actor Christopher LEE Ming Shun, performed in his first TV-movie in Taiwan, “Yi Wang” (Forget), and soon nominated as the “Best Leading Actor – Mini TV-Movie”. And only Piaget Emperador Cushion man’s jewelry watch and square onyx white gold cufflinks could pair with his longtime achievement in movie and television industry.

Christopher Lee – The nominee of The best actor of the mini series
Sasa Chung (Shin-Yu, Chung) wearing Piaget watch and jewelry
Janel Tsai (Shu-Jen, Tsai) - Award presenter

Well-known TV host Sasa Chung, was nominated for the first time with the “Best TV Host” award with “Super Copy King” under the entertainment TV program category. In order to show her youthful vibes of energy, she walked the red carpet in a black lacey evening dress with a pair of playful Piaget Miss Protocole diamond earrings, a Piaget Heart ring and the Limelight Dancing Light – Piaget Rose jewelry watch which is notable for its rotating skeleton rose on the dial. To honor her role as the award presenter, she put on a fuchsia long gown and the Piaget Possession earrings to go with the Miss Protocole diamond necklace, and soon she became an elegant young lady.

In this “Star Starry Night”, Janel Tsai, last-year “Best Leading Actress – Drama” nominee, was invited as the special guest of the ceremony. Started from modeling, she then broadens her career in acting and hosting. She was in a silver long gown that recalled Marilyn Monroe’s famous sexy white dress to show her perfect figure. This was not her only tip to stand out among the stars, the Piaget Limelight diamond necklace, Piaget Possession diamond earrings, and the Piaget Magic Gardens fully-paved bracelet were the secrets to charm the spotlight.

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