International Competition for New Roses

Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Jérôme Rateau and Olivier Perruchot
The Bagatelle park & gardens

Since 1907, the Bagatelle rose garden has been the setting for the prestigious yearly “Concours International de Roses Nouvelles” (International Competition for New Roses). For the 30th anniversary of the Yves Piaget rose, true to its commitment and history, Swiss jeweler and watchmaker Piaget naturally wished to become a partner of this famous competition which awards several prizes to the most talented breeders (including a gold medal, a fragrance award and the journalists’ rose).

Attended by representatives of ten different countries, the 105th ceremony took place last Thursday, June 14th, in the rose garden of the Bagatelle Gardens, under the presidency of Alain Meilland.

At Piaget, the rose symbolizes a passion – that of Yves Piaget, and that of the designers and craftsman jewelers which it inspires. Not merely content with interpreting it in gold or precious stones, Piaget is committed to promoting and maintaining the most beautiful displays of love for this queen among flowers.
On this occasion, Piaget created a trophy for the first prize winner in its workshops, in which they have included the aesthetic of the Piaget Rose jewelry collection. When not being worn as a brooch or a pendant, this jewelry creation in pink gold set with a precious diamond stamen clips into a stylized stem, handmade by a Swiss sculptor from amaranth wood. The ensemble is elegantly presented in a triptych case with rose motifs. This is an expression of decorative art which combines both the arts of jewelry and wood sculpture.

To mark Piaget’s first participation in the event, the CEO, Mr. Philippe Léopold-Metzger was eager to personally present the trophy to the laureate. The winner of the prestigious first prize is the “Numéro 35” rose created by Jérôme Rateau in the grouped-flower rosebush category. This rose stood out for the jury with its clustered flowers in shades of apricot, pearly white and yellow.

The rose has its own history and Piaget is committed to preserving it.

The Bagatelle park & gardens - International Competition for New Roses
Piaget CEO, Philippe Léopold Metzger
The first prize trophy of the competition for new roses