The Maison Piaget

Gemology: the search for complete transparency

Our gemologists travel around the world in search of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. With an array of princess, brilliant, marquise, and oval cuts, our precious gems meet the highest standards in color, carat weight and clarity.
Nearly 30,000 carats of precious gems are set each year in our workshops.
All diamonds are tested according to stringent in-house guidelines. Nothing escapes the scrutiny of our experts at Piaget Manufacture.
Piaget has been pursuing a rigorous ethics and environment policy for several years. The brand only uses diamonds that comply with the Kimberley Process. Each precious center gemstone is delivered with a certificate. By fully integrating production processes, Piaget maintains total design freedom and is able to produce pieces that reflect the designer's original intent as closely as possible.

Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring G34LK700 - Piaget Wedding Jewelry Online
Piaget Elégance engagement ring
Platinum engagement ring
Diamond solitaire approx. 0.50 ct
Engagement ring G34LK700
Yellow Gold Rubellites Diamond Ring G34LQ700 - Piaget Luxury Jewelry Online
Limelight cocktail inspiration ring
Yellow gold, quartz, precious stones, diamond ring
Ring G34LQ700
White gold Beryl Diamond Necklace G37LG700 - Piaget Luxury Jewelry Online
Piaget Rose necklace
White gold, precious stones, diamond necklace
Necklace G37LG700