The Maison Piaget

Watchmaking at its most precious

Piaget is both watchmaker and jeweler. It combines these two worlds with effortless ease as no other brand has done before it. This fusion of time and light finds its fullest expression in the gem-setting workshop within the Manufacture. Thanks to its gemologists, jewelers and gem-setters, Piaget controls in-house each stage that makes its creations masterpieces of jewelry work. Gem-setting a watch or a movement is an exacting art that includes numerous limitations. Depending on the model, our gem-setters will choose a grain setting, a claw setting or a prong setting and they will mix and match cut stones. The gem-setting of a watch constitutes an important stage in its conception, thus allowing its lines and volumes to be highlighted. It must also take into account the infinitely small levels of flexibility allowed for by the specifications of the watchmaking Manufacture. Each gem-set component is delicately worked and requires the closest attention at each stage in order to meet the high standards that Piaget demands. Entirely produced within the Manufacture, our Fine Jewelry watch bracelets perfectly illustrate how Piaget establishes its mastery in this domain and offers the wearer an experience of total comfort. Here gold yields to precious stones giving the wrist exceptional sparkle.

856P Perpetual Calendar Movement - Piaget Luxury Watches Online
856P movement
Perpetual Calendar, automatic, diamonds
600D Gem-Set Skeleton Tourbillon Movement - Piaget Luxury Watches Online
600D gem-set skeleton movement
Hand-wound, skeleton, tourbillon, white gold, diamonds
Rose gold Diamond Watch G0A37189 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Possession watch
Diamond watch, rose gold
Watch G0A37189
Rose gold Diamond Watch G0A35013 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Piaget Polo FortyFive Lady watch
Diamond watch, rose gold
Watch G0A35013
Rose gold Diamond Watch G0A37196 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Limelight Magic Hour watch
Diamond watch, rose gold
Watch G0A37196
White gold Diamond Watch G0A33095 - Piaget Luxury Watch Online
Tonneau-shaped Limelight watch
Diamond watch, white gold
Watch G0A33095